Illuusio Oy creates situations for people to encounter.
Our services are program services, events, fairs and exhibitions, videos, radio shows and all kinds of encounters. The focus is on people. Spaces are built to serve the encounter.
Illuusio Oy masters the creation of a story, tension and space.
The strengths of Illuusio Oy are unreserved atmosphere, immediate ambiance of interaction, stories and combining theatrical means to an aim. For us interactivity is important from the very first contact to the implementation and all the way to debriefing.
We bring power to the encounters with your employees and clients that supports networking, raising team spirit and increases effectiveness.

SINCE 1984
Illuusio Oy has sold time and knowledge on people already since 1984.
Starting from 2014 we do it with renewed service offerings, often as the only company in the capital area. Naturally we provide our services to everywhere in Finland and in Estonia as well.

Even though our range seems very vast at the first glance, the tip of our know-how is in the area of production. We produce encounters with all our craftsmanship.

IT’S DONE. Cases gone well.

Sometimes it just is so, that what has been proven good once should be repeated again and again and that is why we offer some program services that our clients have come back for, again and again.
We create more of these services often and offer for you to enjoy. Cost-effectiveness, sense of community, history form today’s point of view and unofficial truths in form of stories.
Our program services offer being together, a bit of history, some teamwork, partly self-realization and, if you wish, some individual extras.