Adventures and secret affairs

A classic program service that has been on our menu since December 1996.
It is the most popular program service in Suomenlinna ever! Smuggling has been enjoyed by clients of all ages (from 10 to 70)! You are going back in time. So far so good, and good riddance!
In your group something unexpected will happen, something that you have never noticed in your closest co-workers and friends. Each good person can turn evil and each evil can suddenly reveal their good side. We hope you to enjoy with confident and open minds, but not to trust too much.
Adventures and secret affairs begins when each member of your group receives a role (nature characteristics, few lines and secret missions) and a pile of old cards that work as a map. In each route point there is a task that you need to solve to be able to find the smugglers' hidden cache, before the opposing side finds it. It is also possible to add smaller caches along the way, that will entail little bites and moistening, if you so wish.
Duration 2-3 hours.

1-8 people 608€ (Prices do NOT include VAT 10%)
Additional people á48€ (Prices do NOT include VAT 10%)

Helsinki 15.50

Story tour in the founding place of Helsinki. We go forward in time between 15:50 and 16:43. A tight package about how Helsinki was founded, who were the first inhabitants and civil servants. What happened in the town and how it thrived. Or did it? The narrator changes as time moves on. Try to stay on time.
Here is a history tour that doesn't hurt you. The tour is unique as no one else offers anything similar.
The starting time can be arranged according to client's wishes.

Duration: approximately 1 hour

1-12 people 330€ (Prices do NOT include VAT 10%)
Additional people á29€ (Prices do NOT include VAT 10%)

Captain Chapman's traditionals

For an recreational day's program Captain Chapman's traditionals at the sports field in Suomenlinna is a great choice. Traditional sports include for example horse shoes, boots, frisbees, ropes, petanque and many other oatmeal powered activities.

Captain Chapman's traditional sports are done outdoors. It is possible to reserve something light to eat in picnic baskets.
Duration: approximately 1-1,5 hours

1-6 people 330€ (Prices do NOT include VAT 24%)
Additional people á29€ (Prices do NOT include VAT 24%)