Illuusio Oy charges 25% of the price of the service as a reservation deposit. The reservation is effective when the deposit has been paid to the account of the company.

Delivery charges are 200 euros. Delivery charges can be charged from the customer after the booking has been made, regardless of the date of cancellation. Delivery charges are included in the price of the program service when the service is executed without cancellation.
Cancellation has to be announced without delay. A medical condition or an accident that prevents using the service has to be proven with a medical certificate.

The customer has a right to cancel the contract without a specific reason:
- No later than 45 days before the start of service for free of charge;
- No later than 28 days before the start of service for free of charge by paying the delivery charges mentioned before;
- Less than 28 days, but no later than 14 days before the start of service by paying 25% of total price;
- Less than 14 days, but no later than 48 hours before the start of service by paying 50% of total price.

If the contract is canceled later than 48 hours before, or the client does not inform Illuusio Oy before the start of the service that the service will not be used, Illuusio Oy has the right to charge the full price of the service.
The client must always notify if they will not use the service or they plan to use substantially less than agreed, for instance if the amount of people or the duration change from the agreed. Notification must be made in writing or otherwise apporpriately considering the circumstances to the address provided by Illuusio Oy .
Agreement shall be considered rescinded or altered at the time the customer’s notice is received by Illuusio Oy. If the client indicates that the notice is given at the right time to the correct address, notice shall be considered to have been delivered at a time when the notice should have been received by the company, even if the notification is delayed or not received.

If Illuusio Oy sells the same service to a third party, Illuusio Oy is obliged to refund the client the price previously paid to the extent that it is received from the third party. Illuusio Oy has the right to deduct the delivery charges previously mentioned from the refundable amount.

Possible complaints and reclamations on the services have to be expressed to the staff during the event. Any complaints on the serivces or the content of the services made afterwards are not accpeted.